Call for Submissions: 2015 Shakespeare in High Park, Canadian Stage

Directed by the 2015 Masters in Fine Arts candidates from York University’s Graduate Program in Stage Direction in Collaboration with Canadian Stage

“The Comedy of Errors” directed by Matjash Mrozewski
Julius Caesar” directed by Estelle Shook

Canadian Stage’s 2015 Shakespeare in High Park production

Please submit a résumé and headshot to the address below by 5 p.m. on Friday, November 21, 2014. Early submissions encouraged.

Shakespeare in High Park rehearsal begins May 19, 2015, previews begin July 2, 2015, and closing is September 6, 2015. All dates are subject to change.

“The Comedy of Errors” and “Julius Caesar” will be rehearsed and presented in repertory; all actors play roles in both productions. Character age and gender may change based on cast suitability. We encourage submissions from artists of diverse cultures. Shakespeare in High Park is an exclusive 16 week contract and the pay scale for this venue is a CTA “E” house. It should be noted that these productions rehearse and perform outdoors in all safe weather conditions.

Submission Notes:

  • Please include ACTRA or CAEA status, training, and the roles for which you wish to be considered in your submission.
  • For e-mail submissions, you must include your name and roles for which you wish to be considered in the subject line.

We are casting the following twelve (12) roles. We have listed roles from “The Comedy of Errors” first.

  • Actor 1: Egeon/Julius Caesar/Strato/As Cast – Male, 50-65. Weary merchant and traveler, thinks he has lost his family for good, devastated, storyteller (Egeon) / The Patriarch, tragedian, ruthless, generous, soldier, statesman (Caesar etc); Stage combat required
  • Actor 2: Solinus/Pinch/Soothsayer/Caius Ligarius/Lucillius/Clitus/Plebian/As Cast – Male, 50-65. Patrician, righteous, empathetic, upholds the Law of Ephesus (Solinus) / Quack healer, figure of the irrational, grandiose (Pinch) / The Trickster, comedian, subversive, prophet, conspiracy theorist (Soothsayer etc); Stage combat required
  • Actor 3: Abbess/Trebonius/Claudio/Volumnius/Plebian/As Cast – Female, 50-65. Wise mother and healer, spiritual but hardened and bossy (Abbess) / The Mother, matriarch, opinionated, forceful, emotional (Trebonius etc)
  • Actor 4: Adriana/Cassius/As Cast – Female, 40-45. Frustrated, resolute, passionate, the unhappy wife, childless, insecure in her marriage, middle class (Adriana) / The Outsider, watchful, intelligent, ambitious, self-conscious (Cassius); Stage combat required
  • Actor 5: Balthasar/Courtesan/First Merchant/Brutus/As Cast – Male, 40-45. Businesslike, alluring, cunning, gracious (Balthasar) / A man in drag (Courtesan) / The Soldier Monk, introspective, thoughtful, self-aware, cerebral, introverted (Brutus); Stage combat required
  • Actor 6: Angelo/Officer/Gaoler/Antony/As Cast – Male, 40-45. Artisan, accommodating against his better judgment, proud (Angelo etc) / The Magician, sensual, playful, entertainer, liar, theatrical, sly (Antony); Stage combat/sword experience required
  • Actor 7: Luciana/Calpurnia/Artimedorus/Servant/Lepidus/Plebian/As Cast – Female, 35-45. The confidante, critical, categorical; her principles regarding men and marriage prove a little wobblier when she herself is in the hot seat (Luciana) / The Queen, feminine, dignified, sympathetic, intelligent, stoic (Calpurnia etc)
  • Actor 8: Dromio of Syracuse/Casca/Titinius/Dardanius/Plebian/As Cast – Female, 30-40. Wily servant, nimble, confident; an active intellect overcompensating for a less developed sensual side, Twin to Dromio of Ephesus (Female actor in drag, playing up being a man) (Dromio) / The Bully, pushy, boastful, brash, swaggering, cowardly (Casca etc); Stage combat required
  • Actor 9: Antipholus of Syracuse/Cobbler/Cinna/Pindarus/Plebian/As Cast – Male, 25-35. Intellectual, on a quest, fluid, curious, impressionable, Twin to Antipholus of Ephesus (Antipholus) / The Thief, wily, witty, sharp, fearful, low-status artful dodger (Cobbler etc); Stage combat/sword experience required
  • Actor 10: Antipholus of Ephesus/Cinna the Poet/Metellus/Varrus/As Cast – Male 25-35. Sensuous, quick-to-temper, pleasure-seeking, man of action, errant husband, Twin to Antipholus of Syracuse (Antipholus) / The Poet, creative, dramatic, sensitive, charismatic (Cinna etc); Stage combat, singing, and guitar/banjo required
  • Actor 11: Dromio of Ephesus/Portia/Octavius/Servant/Plebian/As Cast – Female 25-35. Literal-minded, obedient, harried, the punching bag, Twin to Dromio of Syracuse (Female actor in drag, playing up being a man) (Dromio) / The Wunderkind, feminine, frustrated, ambitious, adventurous, anxious (Portia etc); Stage combat required
  • Actor 12: Luce/Second Merchant/Officer/Carpenter/Decius/Messala/Plebian/As Cast – Female, 25-35. Kitchen maid (female) / Businessman (male) / Keeper of Order (male) (Luce etc) / The Revolutionary, strident, aggressive, focused, Type A, protester (Carpenter etc); Stage combat required

We thank everyone for their interest; however, only those selected for an audition will be contacted. Auditions take place mid-December 2014.

Applications can be e-mailed to: or submitted on:

Please note the role(s) for which you wish to be considered.

Deadline: Friday, November 21, 2014, 5 p.m.

No late submissions will be considered.
No phone calls please.