Event: Play Reading Week, Tarragon Theatre

If you have a passion for new plays, then TARRAGON’S Play Reading Week is for you!

This season, Play Reading Week runs from Tuesday, November 18th to Saturday, November 29th .

Join us in Tarragon Theatre’s Near Studio, and be among the first to hear the latest plays from our current Playwrights Unit, Playwrights-in-Residence, and the Winner of the RBC Tarragon Emerging Playwrights’ Competition (2013).

All readings begin at 8 pm. Admission is FREE and no reservations are taken.

Doors open at 7:30 pm.  Arrive early to claim your seat!


Tuesday, November 18th:  In the Tongues of Men: The Lost Works of Ran Caffrey by Rachel Blair
Thirty years after his novel made him a controversial literary legend and changed his life, reclusive writer Ran Caffrey is visited by a young editor eager to publish a masterpiece.

Wednesday, November 19th: Model Wanted by Step Taylor
(Winner of the RBC Tarragon Emerging Playwrights’ Competition 2013)

Ross is a bright, charming teenager on the verge of graduating high school. His roommate Joy thinks he’s a pretty cool kid. His mother Loretta lives for him. So why does he spend the night before his last exam drunk, naked, and posing for photos at a stranger’s house?

Thursday, November 20th: On This Day by Alexandria Haber
A young woman’s unexpected presence at a dinner party and her penchant for asking brutally honest personal questions forces two couples to confront key issues facing us in the 21st century: global warming, marital infidelity, organic vegetables, and actually listening to your partner.

Friday, November 21st: Other Jesus by Evan Webber
Other Jesus spells out episodes from the life of a spiritual teacher/magician in ancient Judea. It’s a normal drama about labour. In particular, the labour of believing. Only the virtuosity of listening is rewarded – not in writing, speaking, or even imagining. By this it aims for a type of realism.

Saturday, November 22nd: Mustard by Kat Sandler
Mustard is a whimsical story about loss, family, growing up, and the lengths we’ll go to for the ones we love: a darkly comic fairy tale about an imaginary friend’s quest to stay in our world that asks us to re-examine our relationship with what is real.

Wednesday, November 26th: Common by Marie Beath Badian
“We didn’t plan to be here. Did you ever dream or wish that you’d be in a place like this? You and me, we hooked up because we’re here. Don’t wanna be here. But we’re here.”  Originally commissioned and developed with Project: Humanity, Common: Part One is the first in a trilogy of plays inspired by kids killing time in the common room at Toronto’s largest youth homeless shelter.

Thursday, November 27th: Within the Glass by Anna Chatterton
Two couples meet after a tragic mistake at a fertility clinic: the future happiness of all four rests on the decision only one woman can make.

Friday, November 28th: The Summoned by Fabrizio Filippo
Following the death of a tech visionary, the most important people in his life are summoned to a cheap airport hotel for the ostensible reading of his will. What transpires is nothing short of a paradigm shift in the very fabric of these characters’ lives, and the future of technology.

Saturday, November 29th: i will miss you when you’re gone by Jessica Moss
Four women, a robot, and some young adult fiction: I Will Miss You When You’re Gone is a lonesome country song about grief and connection amidst bureaucracy. Celeste tries to contact her dead mother Caroline, but instead is haunted by Evelyn. Evelyn jumped off the top of her office building, run by Erin. Erin just wants to get these files in order.