Event: Staged Reading of Conspiracy, Heretofore Productions

Heretofore Productions will present a staged reading of Loring Mandel’s Conspiracy on November 20th and 21st.  This piece dramatizes the Wannsee Conference in 1942, during which high-ranking Nazis discussed the “Final Solution” of the Holocaust.  A mixed-cast modernizes and universalizes the piece.
Venue: Grace Church on-the-Hill, 300 Lonsdale Road
Dates and Time: Thursday, November 20th and Friday, November 21st, 7pm
Price: Free
Talkbacks: Audience talkbacks held both evenings. The November 20th talkback will be hosted by Allen Kaeja, of Kaeja d’Dance, who has choreographed several pieces about the Holocaust.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/653896444724492/ or htfprods@gmail.com