Audition: Actor 20-28 Needed for No-Budget Feature Film, Jim Purdy

A male actor between 20 and 25, trained as an actor with particular proficiency in Improvisation Techniques, and non-union. The actor will work (part-time, based on everyone’s day-job work schedules) with the director on developing characters, character relationships, and a coherent narrative out of improvised situations. In short, we will improvise a script. We will then shoot the script as we would any feature (with a very small, professional crew working for free).

This is a no-budget film project in which everyone contributes his or her time and talent to developing a feature film. The film is a co-operative and co-owned by all who work on it.

I am requesting interested actors to submit their resumes. I then meet with them in a coffee shop where we can chat about the project and get a sense of one another. Each actor gets to interview me as well as me interview them.

Important: Nudity will be required

Actors interested should contact me directly by email, attaching their resume and a photo: