Audition: Dancers, Actors and Theatremakers, 10/10/10 Project

Produced by Jordan Laffrenier, Aaron Jan and Lucy Powis, “The 10/10/10 Project” is a daring, multidisciplinary production that unites 30 unique compositions from young artists of different
performative mediums to create one unified piece of dance-theatre.

This past May, 10 writers were given the prompt: There’s something here that shouldn’t be.
The pieces that they wrote were used as prompts for 10 emerging composers, whose pieces were used as prompts for 10 emerging choreographers, whose pieces were sent back to the 10
emerging writers to act as their prompts.

Now, our challenge is to find the through-line in all of the contributions, and to use them to create one piece of multidisciplinary theatre, which will premiere in summer 2015.

We are currently searching for 9 creative and exciting dancers, actors and theatremakers from a wide variety of backgrounds to help inhabit, create and develop the world of this piece over the span of the proceeding year. This first cycle of this production will be heavily workshopped starting in late 2014, with public showings that will culminate a series of paid presentations
in late June/July. Performers will be compensated under a profit sharing model following the
summer performances, whereafter the project will go back into incubation for another cycle of

While not all of the 9 roles require dance background, experience in movement and text is an asset as 10/10/10 is a hybrid piece.

We are having auditions In the Centre for Film and Theatre at York University on:

  • November 23rd from 4-10 PM
  • November 28th from 3-9 PM

with Callbacks on

  • November 30th from 12-6 PM

Each audition will consist of 2 dance calls, as well as a series of cold and prepared readings.

Please wear clothes you can move in.

Please email us at with a CV and headshot to receive sides and book an audition date, specifying which day you would like to attend. Any questions can also be forwarded to this email.

For more information on the project and a complete list of artists involved, check out our facebook page at