Workshop: In The Room with Larissa Mair, Actors Foundry

Date & Time

  • November 29 & 30, 2014   in Toronto

Larissa Mair IMDB Profile is a Toronto based casting director with many years of experience in the film and television.  Her recent shows include LA Complex, Extreme Babysitting, Degrassi The Next Generation and countless MOWs and features.


Class Description
This is your chance to make a personal impression with one of the most important casting directors in Toronto.

Meet the casting people, show them your high level skill set, your personality, your intelligence and passion. Let them see you as an asset worth remembering when the right role comes down the pipe.

More than that, this workshop will get you in the room with all the pressure of a real room audition setting.  The format allows you and your reader to spend a total of 20 minutes in the room with just Casting and Brendan. You gain an unparalleled first-hand sense of how Larissa works and what she wants to see in her room.  And you get first hand feedback from Brendan on your audition skills, casting, and next steps to booking. Insight and feedback gained that would normally take 6-10 auditions with that Casting Director…if ever.

A selection of sides are sent in advance of the workshop, and you will be coached by one of Canada’s top coaches to get your best out in front of the people that need to see it.

Day 1: Saturday November 29, 2014  9am to 6pm
Coach your scene with Brendan – get to the heart of the story,  emotional truth of both your character and yourself, and put it into action.

Day 2: Sunday November 30, 2014  9am-6pm
Showcase your acting chops in a full one-on-one audition setting for Larissa Mair in a true to life audition format.  Get personal notes and direction in the room. After auditions are concluded, there is and inti­mate Q & A for the entire group. Finally, Brendan will provide you with ‘the teacher’s translation’ to reinforce your understanding of what you need to work at for your auditions going forward.

Pri­vate links to your final recorded work pro­vided.

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