Call for Submissions: Actors for Chimerica, Canadian Stage

By Lucy Kirkwood
Directed by Chris Abraham
A Canadian Stage and Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre Production

Please submit a résumé and headshot to the address below by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, November 26, 2014.

Rehearsals for Chimerica will take place in Winnipeg beginning on January 25, 2016. The production will run in Winnipeg from February 25, 2016 – March 19, 2016. It will then run in Toronto from March 27, 2016 – April 17 2016. All dates are subject to change.

We encourage submissions from artists of diverse backgrounds. Please include your name and the role for which you wish to be considered in your e-mail’s subject line. We thank everyone for their interest, however only those selected for an audition will be contacted.

Tiananmen Square, 1989. As tanks roll through Beijing and soldiers hammer on his hotel door, Joe – a young American photojournalist – captures a piece of history. When a cryptic message is left in a Beijing newspaper more than 20 years later, Joe is driven to discover the truth behind the unknown hero he captured on film. Who was he? What happened to him? And could he still be alive?

Submission Notes:

  • Please include ACTRA or CAEA status, training, and the roles for which you wish to be considered in
  • You must include your name and roles for which you wish to be considered in your e-mail’s subject

We are casting the following twelve (12) roles.

  • JOE SCHOFIELD – 40s, photographer for a New York newspaper. Single.  Idealist. Has become more cynical over time, but still believes that a journalist’s job is to expose right and wrong. Doesn’t have a very positive view of the world. Willing to do whatever it takes for a story.
  • FRANK – 50-60, Joe’s editor. Editor of a major American newspaper. Sharp dresser. The typical no-nonsense businessman, he works hard and he plays hard. In his youth was part of the protests against the Vietnam War, but now believes in nothing but the power of money. Deep down wants to do the right thing, but must act according to what makes the most business sense, even if it’s not politically correct. Good sense of humour. / HERB – American tourist. Middle-aged. Husband to Barbara. / DRUG DEALER
  • MEL STANWYCK – 45. Reporter at the newspaper. Divorced father of two.  A realist. He is halfway between Joe and Frank – wants to write what’s true no matter the cost, but understands the consequences and knows when to back down. Practical when it comes to balancing the ethics of his job and his paycheck.
  • TESSA KENDRICK – English. Mid-late 30s. Doesn’t know anyone in New York. Savvy business woman. Has a realistic view of the world and her place in it.
  • ZHANG LIN – mid-40s. Chinese. Teaches ESL. “Straight, serious, kind of sad.” Angry at his country, afraid of its power.
  • ZHANG WEI – early 40s. Chinese. Zhang Lin’s younger brother. Works as a foreman in a factory outside Beijing, has a son attending Harvard. Divorced. Very proud of himself and his son. Wants to show off his (limited) wealth. / WANG PENGSI – owner of a flower shop in Queens. Suspicious of non-Chinese people. Wants to be left alone.
  • BARBARA – Middle-aged American tourist.  Herb’s wife. / DOREEN – Frank’s personal assistant. Puts up with a lot from her boss because it’s her job, and she understands that. / MARIA DUBIECKI – 50s. Democrat Senator. Full of style and grace, especially under pressure. Shrewd business sense, sparkling smile. / DAWN – Peter’s secretary. / JUDY – Mytel’s lawyer.
  • PAUL KRAMER – 40s. Father to a baby girl. Used to be the Beijing correspondent to a major American newspaper in 1989, got out of that line of work because his family was more important. / DAVID BARKER – 20s. Maria’s legislative assistant. A father. Believes in his boss. / OFFICER HYTE – NYPD cop. Michelle’s partner. / PETER ROURKE – CEO of Mytel, an American computer systems company with an office in Beijing. Part of the
  • LIULI – 18. Chinese Student. Zhang Lin’s wife in 1989. Pregnant. Full of hope for the future of her family and her country. / JENNIFER LEE – Feng Meihui’s daughter. 20s.
  • MARY CHANG – 19. Illegal Chinese immigrant working in a strip club in NYC. Basic English, used to work for the advertising desk of a Beijing newspaper. / MICHELLE – Asian-American NYPD officer. An ex-girlfriend of Joe’s. 2 kids. / DENG – young businesswoman. Efficient.
  • FENG MEIHUI – older Chinese woman. Works in a fish stall with her daughter. Had an infant son who died in 1989. Helps illegal immigrants enter America. / MING XIAOLI – 59. Lives next door to Zhang Lin. Dying of a lung infection. Has lived through a lot of changes in China.
  • BENNY – Zhang Wei’s son. Chinese. Graduated from Harvard and is living in New York City. Loves America and its consumerism. / YOUNG ZHANG LIN – 18. Student. Idealistic, in love, wants to change the world.

Applications can be e-mailed to: or submitted on:

Please note the roles for which you wish to be considered.

Deadline: Wednesday, November 26, 2014, 5 p.m.

No late submissions will be considered.

No phone calls or hard copy submissions please.