Announcement: The 2015 Toronto Fringe Lottery Winners, Fringe Festival

The Lottery Party for the 2015 Fringe Festival was a raucous occasion at the Tranzac Club on Friday night. Packed with indie artists and producers, the evening showed that Fringe theatre is thriving in our country.

Why do we do it this way? Why leave it all to chance?
Because we believe that every story has a right to be told. Because we believe that everyone should be offered access to the creative opportunities at Fringe. No matter who you are – or who you know.

Click here for a photo gallery of some of our winners.

New Play Contest Winners:

The winning play receives a free spot in the Toronto Fringe Festival and a cash prize of $1250 courtesy of Exclamation Foundation Inc.

First Place: Radha Menon, Rukmini’s Gold

Second Place: Daniel Karasik, Transgressions

Third Place: Rose Napoli, Ten Creative Ways to Dispose of your Cremains