Call for Submissions: Volunteer Youth Advisory Committee Members, Theatre Ontario

Theatre Ontario currently seeking Volunteer Youth Advisory Committee Members

Theatre Ontario is currently seeking new members between the ages of 16-24 who are passionate about fostering the next generation of theatre practitioners for its Youth Advisory
Committee (YAC). If interested, please send your resumé (and theatrical resumé if you have one) or a brief overview of your relevant experience and skill set by December 15th to

The YAC will be responsible for establishing and implementing a plan of action for the next
twelve months with the aim of creating greater accessibility to youth interested in a career in
theatre. This is a great opportunity for building relationships in the theatre community,
professional development, and to gain experience in both theatre/arts administration and
the not-for-profit sector.

What is the YAC?
A project spearheaded by Theatre Ontario to achieve a greater connection with youth engaged in theatre across the province, to examine ways to engage more youth in the province in theatre, and to help foster the next generation of theatre practitioners, professionals, and patrons.

What kinds of projects have we done?

  • Research on pre-existing networks, resources, and companies throughout the province, with a focus on the GTA in our first year of operation.
  • The Provincial Youth Forum (May 5th): an afternoon of free workshops and networking among youth from around the province, followed by an intergenerational discussion on the future of theatre in Ontario
  • Satellite Face-to-Face (September 20th): a continuation of the conversation held at our Provincial Youth Forum, which took place in Hensall, Ontario, hosted by one of our Satellite members.
  • Bridging the Gap (November 15th): an all-day event that aims to foster dialogue between different generations about the future of theatre in Ontario, on a diverse range of platforms.

Who we’re looking for:
Five (5) individuals between the ages of 16-25. Applicants should have a strong interest in theatre in Ontario/the GTA. Practical theatre experience (e.g. acting, backstage work, theatre administration, etc.) is encouraged and welcomed, but not mandatory.  We are looking for individuals who are theatre practitioners, theatre students, or patrons of theatre in Ontario. We will not be giving preference to any of these groups and all are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please note that Theatre Ontario aims to be a safe space for individuals who self identify as LGBTQ, people of colour, disabled, as well as all genders, nationalities, and forms of religious expression, and we actively encourage individuals who identify with any of these groups to apply.  Applicants do not have to fall within a certain income bracket, nor must they possess a post-secondary education, nor a  high school diploma.

This is a volunteer position and applicants must be willing to commit up to 12 months of their presence on the committee.


  • Attend Committee meetings, prepared to discuss goals and areas of improvement
    for the Theatre Ontario
  • Attend events organized by the Youth Advisory Committee and also aid organizing
    them wherever possible
  • Performing outreach to theatre companies, youth and arts organizations, government bodies, and other companies for organizational support.
  • Commit to approximately two – five hours of work per week
  • Must be able to commit to at least one meeting per month

Qualifications and Attributes:

  • Between the ages of 16-25
  • Familiarity with theatre in Ontario/the GTA, with regular attendance at live performances
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience writing grants an asset (but not required)
  • Strongly self-motivated and the ability to work independently and to take on/prioritize
    many different tasks
  • A desire to create more accessible and engaging theatre spaces for youth in Ontario

What you’ll get from us:

  • A chance to engage directly with youth across the GTA and the province, and to
    have a role in changing youth engagement in the theatre landscape.
  • Opportunities to build and develop relationships with established theatre companies
    and artists across the province.
  • Free professional development on topics that include: grant writing, leadership, and
    workshop facilitation
  • A chance to meet and work with other amazing and hard working, visionary youth

Please send your resumé (and theatrical resumé if you have one) or a brief overview of your relevant experience and skill set by December 15th to

Interviews will take place on December 17-18th. Please inform us immediately if those dates do not work for you. Only those who are contacted will be given an interview.