Welcome to the TAPA Blog, your online source of industry information … The TAPA Blog has been created as the next generation of the TAPA Weekly E-Bulletin. By changing the e-bulletin to a blog, we can now post information as it arrives, rather than a weekly e.mail. This also allows you, the viewer, to check back as often as you like – and it won’t clog your inbox with e.mails! There are a few ways to get the information from the TAPA Blog:

  1. Subscribe to our RSS feed via your browsers built-in RSS reader or another application such as Bloglines or Google’s Reader
  2. Bookmark the TAPA Blog and check back as often as you like
  3. Subscribe to the TAPA Blog via Feedburner and receive new posts as they are added to the blog in your inbox

If you would like to have your listing posted on our blog, here is a bit of information on how to do so:

  • Listings in the TAPA E-Bulletin are free-of-charge
  • Listings MUST be submitted in a Microsoft Word document or as text in the body of the e.mail ONLY. Images and PDFs are not accepted.
  • If you have an image that you would like included, please provide the URL that the image should be linked to. Only one image per posting please.

To submit a listing, please e.mail alexisdsp@tapa.ca